Save Your Home from Mold Proliferation

To start with, it is hard to tell the extent of mold damage in your home unless you know exactly what to look for. This being the case, mold inspection is a task that is best left to the experts. These experts follow a step by step process to determine the degree or level a home is mold infested.


Mold testing should be handled by a person who knows exactly what he or she is looking for. The inspectors who do these inspections are mostly EPA certified and have the right equipment to help them carry out the task with ease. Upon getting into your home, the inspector takes some air samples to help determine the amount of mold spores in the air. These samples are mostly collected using a vacuum device that holds a sealed canister on one end. The vacuum device sucks a portion of air inside a room into the canister, and then seals it completely when done. A number of these samples are collected and sent over to a lab that has the right mold and mildew testing equipment. These samples are tested for mold and other particulates that affect the quality of air inside your home.

The rest of the home is thoroughly inspected for surface mold and mildew, and if found, samples are collected and placed into petri dishes and thereby sent over to the lab where they are tested. Once all the samples are tested, the results are outlined in a report that also includes suggestion on improvements to reduce the amount of mold that is currently present in the air. By following the right mold eradication steps, the problem ceases to exist. The entire point is to minimize the amount of stagnant moisture present in the air so as to cut off the mold and mildew ability to live.

How do you cut down moisture levels at your place?

Like already mentioned, when moisture levels at a particular place reach a high mark, several things happen, with the most damaging being the proliferation of health affecting mold and mildew. This moisture level has to be brought down at all costs. The easiest way to cut down on moisture in your home is to have an air recovery ventilator installed. This device sucks air out of a room and replenishes it with clean fresh air.

Another way to keep mold out of a room is to have the furnace fan running full time during the winter season as this allows the air to circulate. The more air movement in a room, the more consistent the particulates in the air throughout the home.

Another way to lower the levels of moisture in a home is to run the bathroom fan for a minimum of thirty minutes after taking a shower or bath.

All in all, high levels of moisture in a room encourage the proliferation of mold and mildew and should not be taken lightly. These are health affecting microscopic plants that affect all people who come into your home.

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