It is Time to Have Your Roof Professionally Inspected

How do you tell if your roof is damaged?
The only proper way to tell if your roof is damaged is to have it inspected by a roofing home inspector. So how does he tell if the roof is damaged? Roof damage is evident from the ground based on leakages when it rains. Harsh weather elements are main cause of these sorts of damages. For instance, harsh winds cause the connection between the walls and the roof to deteriorate over time. This causes rain water to get between the roof and walls, running down the inside of the outer wall.

Roof Damage Types

  • Scouring or scratching: This is the sort of damage that is seen when a part of the shingle granular material gets worn out as a result of hailstorm bashing or normal tear and wear.
  • Balding: This is observed when a scour or scratch gets worse after all of the protective material gets worn out or down.
  • Blisters and cracks: These occur in certain roof types, for instance shingles. They normally come about due to manufacturing defects, bad weather and endured heat.

Trained home inspectors are able to note the differences in damages caused by storm, hail, ice, snow on the roof and those that occur due to weathering and aging from the sun.

When to Inspect the Roof for Damages

Maintaining the roof in superb condition is critical to insuring its longevity. Depending on your type of a roof, and how it is installed, it should take around 10 to 20 years before it shows any sorts of deterioration. However, so as to ensure that your investment is protected, it is recommended that you have your whole roofing system inspected on a regular basis. This way, you are able to track changes when things such as hailstorms do strike. If any change is noted due to hailstorms or any other bad weather conditions, have it reported immediately to the insurance company for action. Delaying to do so might cause the insurance company to deny claims as it is not responsible for normal tear and wear.

All in all, it is much easier and practical for a trained home inspector to climb onto the roof and carry out the required home inspections than the homeowner. Now is the time to get that roof of yours inspected so as it is guaranteed to weather the next winter hailstorm!
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