7 Reasons Why You Need a Home Inspection

1. At the top of the list is the safety issue. Carrying out a home inspection reveals safety hazards such as mold, the presence of carbon monoxide and radon. It is important to ensure that the home-buying contract provides for a clause that allows you to withdraw from the buy if such hazards are detected.

2. A home inspection acts as a negotiating tool for you as a buyer. You can use the home inspection report to ask for repairs or request a price reduction. Your realtor should assist you and explain the kind of requests you can and should make after a home inspection.

3. Home inspections reveal illegal additions made to the house. The report can reveal rooms, basements or garages that were constructed without a permit or were not constructed according to the building codes. Illegal installations bring about insurance problems and a home inspection saves you the trouble.

4. Home inspectors understand the kind of landscape that can introduce the problem of insects and water drainage. If your house has a basement, a bad landscape can lead to water accumulation under your house, which can create a path for insects to enter your house and mold to grow.

5. A home inspection predicts the kind of costs you may have to incur in the future due to the current condition of the house. A home inspection can estimate the age of the roof and major systems in the house. This then helps you know the kind of costs you will incur in the future. Understanding what will need replacement helps you plan for your future costs.

6. If you are buying your first home, a home inspection is crucial. It gives you all the information you need about your house. This will enable you to make good purchases in the future. It gives you knowledge on what to look for in a house and how to ensure you get the best deal when buying a home.

7. A home inspection gives you peace of mind. It gives you confidence to move into your new home now that you know all the information you need to know about your house. The home inspectors give a report and this report helps inform your decision on whether to buy a house.

A home inspection is necessary not just for negotiation purposes but for knowing how to maintain your house and the future costs that you might incur. It empowers you with knowledge about your house and what your house needs. It also gives you knowledge on what needs maintenance in the house; therefore, make sure to have a professional take care of the inspection process in good time.

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