4 Home Inspection Secrets Every Alberta Homebuyer Should Know

4. You Should Conduct Your Own Inspection First
Many buyers believe that the inspection is something they can simply pay for and forget. True enough, there is no obligation for the seller to do anything except hand over the cash. However, the secret to getting the most out of an inspection is to conduct your own inspection beforehand. A decent home inspector will take around three hours to inspect a house. You should devote at least that amount of time to visually inspecting the home you wish to buy on your own. Make detailed notes about any facts, areas or issues that you are aware of.

3. Accompany the Inspector to Gain Maximum Value
There is no requirement for you to accompany the inspector as they carry out the home inspection. However, one of the best kept secrets of home inspections is that buyers who tag along get far more out of the process than those who don’t. A big part of an inspector’s job is to teach the buyer about issues they will likely experience should they decide to purchase the home. Accompanying the inspector lets you discuss any areas of concern that arise during your own inspection. Tagging along is the best way to learn about the home you are about to buy.

2. Inspections are One Transaction Worth Putting on a Credit Card
It is rarely wise to borrow long term on a credit card due to the high rates of interest. The smart thing to do is to clear your balance in full every month. Paying for a home inspection is one exception to that rule. Most buyers stretch their budgets so much that they blow off the idea of having a home inspection and potentially make one of the worst mistakes of their lives. Inspections may cost over $500 yet they can flag up problems in the home worth many thousands of dollars. Should an inspection report cite a major flaw with the property you intend to purchase, you are entitled to pull out of the sale or ask for a discount. Pay for the inspection on a credit card and you could easily pay the balance with the cash you save on the sale.

1. Anyone Can Be a Home Inspector
Perhaps the most shocking secret of home inspections is that almost anyone can become a home inspector in many parts of Canada. Alberta is one of just two provinces where home inspections are part of a regulated industry. When hiring a home inspector, it pays to go over the inspection contract with a fine toothcomb. Because home inspections are purely visual and contain no destructive testing, with this clause alone inspectors can shirk charges of gross negligence with relative ease. According to the Canadian Association of Home and Property Inspectors, you should do due diligence when choosing a home inspector. Look for the associations they belong to and ask to see credentials. According to one firm of house inspectors in Calgary, asking friends and colleagues for personal recommendations is a smart move.

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