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Do you live in or want to purchase a building from the 1950s to the 1990s? Chances are, you’ll find asbestos somewhere inside. Asbestos can provide effective insulation, fire protection, strengthen joint compound, drywall, tile, and stucco However, breathing in asbestos fibres can increase your risk of lung cancer. You can find asbestos anywhere in older properties, from floor tiles to cement roofing.

However, you don’t have to worry about asbestos in your home. Restore your peace of mind with asbestos testing in Calgary from Rocky Mountain Inspection Service.

How We Can Help

  • Asbestos testing and removal. We will check for asbestos around your current or prospective property, provide an approved inventory or asbestos containing materials and make sure that any threats are removed.
  • Asbestos Abatement Information Forms. Buildings with asbestos become more of an issue when damaged or torn down. You will need to remove asbestos before you renovate or demolish an older building. If you’re applying for a development permit with the city of Calgary, and the property is older than 1987, you will have to complete the Asbestos Abatement Information Form. Our team will complete the inspection and provide this form for you.

We use the proper equipment to detect asbestos anywhere in your property. Our team is well versed in all the issues that the City of Calgary is concerned about when issuing city permits. Know what is required. Rocky Mountain Inspection Service Ltd can guide you through the entire process from initial inspection to final Asbestos Abatement forms. – leave this job to our team.

Our Benefits

At Rocky Mountain Inspection Service, we will explain the situation to you in terms you can understand. Our inspection reports are detailed, yet clear and simple. We will tell you how your property compares to others and what challenges you may face with asbestos in the future.

Speak with a Representative

Whether you want to inspect a future home or you have an upcoming project and require abatement in Calgary, speak to our team today. Call 403-850-0192 or reach us online.

Why Hire Us?

Our reports explain the implications of our finding.

We strongly believe an inspection report should be written in terms that a typical homeowner can understand. Technical jargon may make us clever, but confuses our customers.

Our reports are clear, simple and well organized.

We believe that the reader should be kept oriented with headings so they always know the topic and the context. Reading an inspection report should not be a challenging IQ test.

We give you the big picture.

We understand that you are trying to make an important decision regarding the buying or selling of a property. You need to understand how the property stacks up against its peers and what challenges you will face when you move in or put the house up for sale. Our professional Calgary asbestos testing experts provide you with an effective summary that addresses only the important items.

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